FCC members want truce on war of words

PUBLISHED : Monday, 08 November, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 08 November, 1999, 12:00am

Is your e-mail in-box packed with threats, name-calling, innuendo and accusations? No? Then you obviously are not a member of the SAR's Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC).

Over the last few days, nearly 200 members across the globe logged on to find an argument raging in their message systems.

It started when correspondent Terry Duckham sent out a lengthy letter urging everyone to vote the club president out of office at Wednesday's meeting. It was signed by 18 other members, several of whom were on the board.

Mr Duckham and company accused president Philip Segal of 'bringing the FCC into disrepute' and 'washing the club's dirty laundry on the back of the Markets Post '.

To Laundress Lai See, the rest of the allegations seemed a tad vague.

Mr Segal was charged with 'pursuing a private agenda', and taking 'ill-considered action' without board approval.

The president (whose enemies have attacked him for 'micro-managing' the club's financial affairs) was quick to retaliate.

'I have never made any money off the club, nor will I in future,' his counter-e-mail said.

'The same cannot be said for some of those who signed this note.' The president said that when he took power, the inventory system was a shambles, the fire hoses didn't work and the salad bar was losing tens of thousands of dollars every month.

But most of the messagees weren't interested in tossed salads or slung mud. They just wanted the e-nundation to stop.

'I see nothing wrong in the president's running of the club,' said one. 'But I would like to see an end to these e-mails!' Said another: 'What I would like to know is who gave the originators of this series of annoying e-mails the addresses of what appears to be every FCC member with an e-mail account? 'Looks like a breach of privacy to me.' And a third: 'I find the tone of this whole affair extraordinarily childish, and am getting rather bored of the whole affair. Its politics remind me of a down-market student union.' For her part, Lai See recommends that the combatants eschew the general meeting in favour of another, more appropriate venue.

We think the locale should reflect the tenor of the arguments raised. And that way, the two sides can square off tomorrow.

After play time. By the bike shed.

More readers have been writing in to tell us the most unfortunately named people they know.

At first we were puzzled to find Richard Sole on the list. Then we saw the problem he faced when asked to state his first initial and surname.

We also spoke to someone who dated a man called Simon Case. Nothing wrong with that. But his brother's name was Justin.

So parents-to-be, take extra care.

That name you've selected may seem harmless enough, but before making that final decision, make sure you've considered every possible permutation.

Just in case.

Hands up everyone who wants to spend their Christmas in a trailer somewhere in Cleveland following Kenny Rogers around.

Wait - before you get too excited, we better warn you that it costs US$4,800. Admittedly that's a lot of money. But then, it's not just everyone who can claim to have gone on the road with the 12th annual Kenny Rogers Christmas Tour.

An entertainment wire promoting the offer beckons Kenny enthusiasts with the question: 'Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a country music superstar?' 'Have you ever wondered what life on the road is like or how a typical day unfolds for a star such as music icon Kenny Rogers? Well, now's your chance to experience a fantasy behind-the-scenes trip of life on the road.' The 'premier holiday excursion' will take Kenny and his passengers to such exotic 'premium venues' as Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Albany, New York and Greenville, South Carolina.


One of our colleagues actually dared Lai See to join the tour and write about it. We normally accept dares, but this time we remembered Kenny's sage words of musical advice.

You've got to know when to walk away . . .

And know when to run.