Deportation of gangster suspect on agenda at final JLG meeting

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 December, 1999, 12:00am

The extradition of a suspected member of Big Spender's gang from Bangkok to a Guangzhou jail will be discussed at the final meeting of the Sino-British Joint Liaison Group (JLG) today.

Senior British representative Alan Paul said he would raise the case with the Chinese side.

The Sunday Morning Post disclosed that Wu Man, a British National (Overseas) passport-holder wanted in China for crimes connected to 'Big Spender' Cheung Tze-keung's gang, had been deported from Thailand without a formal extradition in June.

Concerns have been raised about the risk to BNO passport-holders overseas.

Concluding the first day of the two-day meeting yesterday, both sides described the atmosphere as good.

Mr Paul said the two sides had exchanged views on how 'one country, two systems' would be implemented after the 14-year-old group was dissolved.

He expressed confidence that the last round would be successful.

'[Since the handover], we have been able to discuss matters relating to Hong Kong in a calm, civilised and constructive manner,' Mr Paul said before yesterday's meeting.

'I'm quite sure that today's meeting will be no exception.' His Chinese counterpart, Wu Hongbo, said the meeting marked the end of an age.

'We used to hold meetings in a primary school. I don't know what kind of arrangement this is. But it seems the JLG has yet to graduate.

'It is time for us to graduate today. To have the last meeting here is meaningful and appropriate.' The venue for the final meeting has been moved from its former site at a primary school in Kennedy Road to Government House.

The body will disband on January 1 after 47 meetings, five of which took place after the handover.

The JLG was set up in 1985, one year after Britain signed the Joint Declaration to return the territory to China.