Off the shelf

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 May, 1993, 12:00am

SUZANNE White's The New Chinese Astrology (Macmillan, $220) is a lively look at an ancient art, which reveals what your particular animal sign will mean to your life and offers advice on how to control your destiny.

Managing Anger by Gael Lindenfield (Thorsons, $102) is all about a different kind of control, and explains how to turn anger from a negative emotion to a positive one.

It's a widely-held theory that when managers fail, it is because they have been over-promoted. Ron Coleman and Giles Barrie dispute this in 525 Ways to be a Better Manager (Warner, $118), a paperback crammed with advice gleaned from over 3,000 managers.

There's more career advice in How to Win at Aptitude Tests by Paul Pelshenke (Thorsons, $85). These tests are increasingly being used to test applicants' suitability for jobs and college places. The book offers examples of the types of test to expect andpractical advice on passing them.

For everything you wanted to know about pathology but were too afraid to ask, read Brian Lane's The Encyclopaedia of Forensic Science (Headline, $94), a comprehensive guide to the scientific investigation of crime. It includes chapters on ballistics, fingerprinting and pathologists who have helped track down killers.