Balconies contravene ordinance

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 May, 1993, 12:00am

MY family own a unit in the Charmain Heights building, at 9 Eastbourne Road, Beacon Hill, Kowloon.

It is a nice residential area and the building once had a clean, appealing facade. However, some residents have constructed heavy concrete balconies, mostly adjoining their kitchens, on the outer walls of the building. There are at least 30 of them and some are as large as 100 square feet and can be found anywhere from the very low to the very top floors.

This situation has persisted for a number of years and it is dangerous, as it must be causing structural damage to the building.

Staff from the Building Ordinance Office visited the building several times, the last time six months ago.

These balconies must contravene the Building Ordinance and yet no action has been taken.

On February 10, the South China Morning Post referred to a Building Ordinance Office operation ''Catherine Wheel'' which successfully removed similar illegal structures in the Shamshuipo area.

Why can this not be done at Charmain Heights? Could it be, because Charmain Heights is not as visible to the public as the buildings in Shamshuipo? CHAN PO-YING Kowloon .