True love takes time to appear

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 January, 2000, 12:00am

Recently, I read an article which said the number of romantic relationships between teenagers at school was increasing. So what is the meaning of love? To many teenagers, it is a simple process before marriage. They assume love only involves caring about and getting to know a partner. Some teenagers meet once or twice in the streets and after that, they are lovers! But there are different kinds of love.

The love between parents and children is different from the love between friends or lovers.

Apart from that, romantic love cannot come about after only a few meetings. Real love takes time to appear.

You should only become real lovers by searching for a friend, getting to know each other and letting the relationship develop.

This is how a successful relationship is formed.

Most teenage lovers quarrel because they do not go through these stages.

So if you wish to have a future relationship with someone, I would strongly advise you to be patient and get to know each other better, then deepen your relationship.

Everything you decide has consequences.

You have to think about your relationship's effect on your studies and how your parents would react.

I am not saying that it is wrong to have a relationship while studying. But you should be aware of all the consequences and the effects a relationship would have on you. Remember, no one can have control over another's life.

You are responsible for your future. Teenagers who fail to think of the consequences end up either failing the HKCEE or A- levels or may even be suspended from school.

To be able to show real love, you need to go through the process of getting to know your partner properly and consider the full consequences of your relationship.

This is the only to show real love and avoid quarrels and the break-up of a relationship.

Leo is a student at St Stephen's Church College