A day at a Special Care Baby Unit

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 05 March, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 05 March, 2000, 12:00am

Special Care Baby Unit - Tsan Yuk Hospital - Friday 18th February Tsan Yuk Hospital is the oldest and the last maternity hospital in Hong Kong. Next year its in-patient services will be relocated to the Queen Mary Hospital, ending its 78-year history of caring for Hong Kong's tiniest babies.

Their most delicate work is done in the Special Care Baby Unit, where on the day of the Post's visit 24 babies were being cared for. The smallest baby they have managed to save was just 486 grams.

Captions 6.30am Beginning the day with a dawn bath at Tsan Yuk Hospital, Sheung Wan.

10.30am A doctor-nurse team does the rounds of each patient.

11.00am A nurse applies cream to tiny cuts and abrasions 11:30am A St. Valentine's Day baby, born weighing a mere 780 grams and 16 weeks premature, reaches from its crib and grasps a nurse's finger.

2.00pm A visiting father makes a video of his two-day-old baby 3.15pm Doctors examine chest X-rays.

4.40pm Nurse Chan, who has worked at the unit for more than 10 years, decorates her ID badge with pictures of some of the babies she has cared for 9.30pm A baby is put to bed in the photo therapy room, where warm light shines down to keep them warm. The eye pads protect the undeveloped eyes from damage.

10.45pm A mother, who has spent most of the day at the unit, rests her head on the side of her child's crib.