Information technology the buzzword

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 March, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 March, 2000, 12:00am

Sha Tin Government Secondary School says its mission is to maximise students' potential and itcertainly did that at the annual open day, showing off students' work in information technology (IT) .

As a pilot school in the IT in Education Pilot Scheme, the school has an advanced computer network, a TV network and three computer laboratories. All classrooms are linked to the computer network so that the entire school has access to the Internet.

Student talent The 28th open day was held in conjunction with Parents' Day, which gave parents the opportunity to talk to teachers about their child's performance.

The open day showcased the students' IT work in an exhibition called 'Sha Tin Government Secondary School Towards The New Millennium'. School principal Cheung Foon-hung said the exhibition reflected the talent of the students.

'Though time for preparation of the exhibition was limited, their work is excellent and well- organised. The exhibition dis played students' hard work and their dedication to the school. Teachers only gave them advice, it was the students themselves who organised the exhibition,' he said.

He said that the students' confidence in the use of IT software not only enabled them to present their work well, but also showed how familiar they were with IT.

The students' proejcts were on a wide range of topics, from academic subjects to the school's computer network and artistic themes.

The geography club displayed rocks specimens.

The economics club used car toons to present oligopoly in a lively way.

The principles of accounts department club introduced the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with board displays.

Two boards set opposite to the entrance of the school hall showcased the awards obtained over the past few years.

The Information Technology Elite Group displayed the school's powerful network with computers and boards.

Pictures on the boards were shot using digital cameras and a computer broadcasting music downloaded in formats ranging from CD-DA, Real, MPEG 3 and Ware and Midi formats.

Fourth former Mak Fat-ming said he thought the exhibition offered a good insight into IT.

'Our school is successful in providing us with IT education and most of our classmates are good at using IT to present the projects,' he said.

The IT exhibition was complemented with artistic works such as card design projects, self-portraits, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings.

Participants and visitors were invited to vote for the best board and exhibition stall after visiting the exhibition.