Midway's an uphill battle

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 28 May, 1993, 12:00am

TELEVISION has matched the weather this week, both have been as dull as ditchwater. But, while the outlook has changed for the better outside, inside on TV it remains depressed.

THE Battle of Midway was a turning point for America against Japan in World War II, which in Hollywood terms means it's gotta be a blockbuster.

''This is the way it was'' drones the manly intro to Midway (World 9.30pm, Original Running Time 132 mins), but that seems highly unlikely given some of the soap-opera dialogue involved. Discussions between Charlton Heston and his son who's fallen in love with a Japanese girl are particularly grating.

As is normal with war film extravaganzas, the list of big names is as long as an orang-utan's arm - including the likes of Henry Fonda, James Coburn and Robert Mitchum as well as relative youngsters Tom Selleck, and Dabney Coleman.

The battle scenes are a mixture of model ships in bath tubs and ''actual footage'' and, yes, you can see the joins.

THE series Great Circuses of the World (World 8.32pm) returns to our screens tonight. Okay, some of the juggling and trapeze acts are worth checking out, but it's those humiliating animal tricks that really go against the grain.

Tonight's show includes ''an eight-year-old girl who works in a cage full of snarling lions''.

What's so special about that? Show us a lion in a cage full of snarling eight year olds - now that's bravery.

AS for The Forgotten (Pearl 9.45pm ORT 100 mins): Forget it. This tale of a band of Green Berets left in a Vietnam PoW camp 17 years after the war, is simply too far-fetched to be entertaining, even given the possibilities of the MIA angle.

The berets are sent to Europe for de-programming, and discover they're being stalked by government agents. Keith Carradine and Steve Railsback (who co-wrote) star.

CHILDREN fare better than most today, at least they have something new to look forward to in the form of Zazoo U (Pearl, 5.45pm), a half-hour animated show revolving around a zany university where crayons come to life, students change shape and extinct animals reappear.

Head of the class are Americanimals Boink and Grizzle and their adventures involve universal issues such as environmental protection and dealing with prejudice.

HAVEN'T seen Battle for the Lost Planet (Pearl 12.45am, ORT 94 mins) - and it would appear anyone else has, but it's an adventure involving an industrial spy who, while attempting to flee in an inoperable spacecraft, discovers aliens are about to invade Earth.

It stars those leading lights of stage and screen Matt Mitler, Denise Coward and Joe Genttissi (who?) and the special effects were done by Cheap Tricks Unlimited. 'Nuf said.