PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 May, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 May, 2000, 12:00am

For the past six years I have lived and worked within sight of Castle Peak in Tuen Mun and it has been my aim to make it to the top ever since I laid eyes on it.

Last weekend my family and I finally got our act together and on Sunday morning we set off aiming to have lunch on the summit. When we finally got there it became obvious that there was little if any room on the very highest point due to the profusion of buildings, masts and antennae and so we settled down just below the main peak to eat.

After lunch we left our bags and carried on to the top only to find the place in a disgusting and dangerous condition with large unprotected man-made drops and vicious coils of razor wire between the trig point and adjacent structures as well as a profusion of rusty barbed wire and oil drums as well as general rubbish scattered around the peak and within the various transmitter and relay enclosures.

It is evident that this location is of great strategic and commercial value as the highest point for several miles, but I would urge the companies involved to take a little better care of their facilities so as to make it safer and easier for those making it to the top to enjoy the superb views without having to worry about falling over discarded coaxial cable or into steep- sided concrete gullies, getting covered in diesel or snagging clothing on razor wire, or rusty barbed wire.

Someone has spent a great deal of money improving the path most of the way to the summit with 656 granite paved steps and a handrail, so come on ATV and others who have disfigured the summit with your ugly utility buildings and masts, let's try and make the best of it and at least make it as safe and clean as possible for those that make the effort to go up there on foot rather than flying in on company helicopters.