Food Web site set to whet appetites

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 May, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 May, 2000, 12:00am


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AWeb site providing details about finding good eateries in the SAR is sure to become a popular bookmarked homepage. (http://, a Chinese-language site, has informative material about ideal places to dine out and recommended dishes. Information is categorised into 19 sections for easy browsing. If you have no idea about what you want to eat, the site gives some healthy tips from breakfast to dinner at reasonable prices ( com/cgi-bin/dish-search. pl?dishid=D010039). A combination of fruit, vegetables and food low in cholesterol and fat would be good for a healthy diet.

The tips are updated daily so that you can search for any healthy food.

The Top 100 Hot dishes section ( provides more than 100 food choices such as lamb, seafood, steaks, sausages and desserts. Each of these food choices comes with a simple critique and description.

You will discover secrets about the recipe to make the dishes tasty. The food choices are each linked to the restaurants with a brief introduction about the location, atmosphere and other popular dishes on offer. An added advantage to this section is that foods such as lamb, shrimps or noodles are categorised by the different ways the food is cooked.

You can click on other options from the same category or similar dishes.

Features of the week ( /cgi-bin/ intro duce more than 15 types of food and give explanations for their popularity in Hong Kong. There are also features about special eateries, how to make good dishes and advice from chefs.

The chefs will share their secrets for making some simple but tasty food and how to look for fresh and good ingredients at the market.

Interactive zone They also tell their own story of how they became well-known by sheer dint of hard work.

In the interactive zone, the site provides games, wallpapers, four discussion forums, food critiques and related food links for people to share their opinions.

A powerful food search engine is a helpful tool which saves you time when looking for a particular restaurant or food from a particular country. You will be able to search the dishes from up to 20 countries.

Coffee drinking for relaxation has become popular.

Starbucks Coffee (http:// has recently been introduced to Hong Kong to offer more choices and information on coffee.

By signing up as a member, you can start a journey of discovery about coffee.

To understand more about coffee making and brewing, the journey gives you in-depth information about how coffee comes from the tree in its country of origin to the cup in your hand.

It is a journey that affects its flavour and characteristics, and one's own coffee experience.

If you have no idea about the coffee flavours and which one you like best, go to coffee matcher site (http://www.starbucks. com/store/taste) to find out more.

There are more than 23 types of coffee to choose from.

Apart from drinking coffee, the chain store offers tasty ice-cream, frappuccino and tiazzi in coffee flavours.

Frappuccino is a drink made with a creamy combination of brewed coffee and milk blended together with ice.

You can also buy coffee items on-line, such as coffee samplers, tea, chocolate, sweets and souvenirs from Starbucks.