PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 July, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 July, 2000, 12:00am

French Kiss Pearl, 9.35pm A neurotic Meg Ryan (above) overcomes her fear of flying to pursue ex-fiance Timothy Hutton through France after he dumps her for a French beauty. On the way she meets the unlikely Frenchman of her dreams, Kevin Kline, a jewel thief who sticks to her after hiding his loot in her luggage. Pretty scenes of France (mainly Paris and Cannes) are accompanied by the great Toots Thielemans on the harmonica (1995).

The Infiltrator Cinemax, 10pm Gripping drama based on a true story, of an Israeli journalist who goes undercover in Germany to penetrate the highest levels of a secret hate-group network, uncovering ties that stretch to America. Oliver Platt (A Time To Kill) stars as Yaron Svoray, who poses as a representative of a wealthy American neo-Nazi sympathiser willing to help finance the movement in Germany. The sting he sets up, though, could cost him his life. Also starring Arliss Howard.

Deep Impact HBO, 11pm While astronomers are napping, schoolboy Elijah Wood spots a giant comet heading for Earth. US President Morgan Freeman enlists the help of a veteran shuttle pilot (Robert Duvall), plus the Russians, to save the Earth. Tea Leoni plays the TV reporter hot on the heels of the biggest news story ever. Directed by Mimi Leder (1998).

The Living Edens Pearl, 8.30pm This week's paradise on Earth needs little introduction to Hong Kong viewers, being the favourite holiday destination of Thailand. But this programme keeps well clear of the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket, instead exploring jungles populated by elephants, tigers, white gibbons and flying snakes, as well as the coral reef waters of the Andaman Sea.

Big Ideas: Shopping On Top BBC World, 10.30pm We're apparently no longer defined by race, class or personal character, but by our choice of clothes, kitchens and holiday destinations. Shopping and style are the basis of a whole new social structure. 'In the 80s you bought things to show how successful you were. In the late 90s and into the 21st century, you buy things to show what an interesting person you are; you construct your own identity through these bits and pieces of the consumer society,' social anthropologist Ted Polhemus says. Shopping On Top explores this phenomenon, the first in a series on significant trends of the early 21st century. The others that warrant BBC examination are humanitarianism and equality.

Busted Star World, 8pm Big Brother of the commercial kind is now watching. In this case, it comes in the form of the surveillance camera scanning the workplace. Any misdemeanour - be it rudeness or dishonesty - picked up by those spying eyes is not only recorded, but now being turned into mass entertainment for this new show. The incidents that will cause the perpetrators some embarrassment range from revolting food contamination to housekeepers 'borrowing' their employers' lingerie.