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Useful tips on choosing a pet bird

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 July, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 13 July, 2000, 12:00am

Many people in Hong Kong live in buildings where you are not allowed to keep a cat or dog, so a bird can sometimes make a suitable alternative to other pets.

As with any pet you should think very carefully before choosing a bird.

Ideally you should buy a book or borrow one from a library and read up first on the different types of birds suitable as pets and whether or not they will be easy to look after.

Before deciding on which type you would like you should ask yourself the following questions: How much time can you spend with the bird everyday? Birds like parrots need constant attention, and can quickly get very bored, whereas small song-birds take up much less time.

How much space is available in your home for a cage? Larger birds need larger cages and some small types of birds need to be kept in pairs or groups therefore needing a large cage also.

Do your family members agree to your keeping a bird? After deciding which type of bird is suitable for you to keep, you should first of all buy the cage and the different types of food the bird needs, and put this in a suitable place in your home.

Only then should you go to get the bird; the SPCA is a good place to adopt a nice one. Once you have found the particular bird you would like, you must watch it for a period of time (at least one hour) and check the following: What is the general demeanour of the bird? A healthy bird will generally pay attention to its surroundings and have smooth feathers, whereas an unhealthy bird will often appear dull and with its eyes half closed and its feathers ruffled.

Is it eating normally and what is the bird being fed? Is the bird passing normal faeces? Is the bird breathing normally? Is there any abnormal discharge from its eyes or nose? Is the bird frightened of people and does it try to hide in the corner of the cage? If the above points are followed when choosing a bird then very few things should go wrong.

The SPCA is an organisation that deals with animal welfare. It aims to prevent and suppress cruelty to animals. The organisation welcomes pet owners and non-pet owners to show their concern for homeless animals. If you would like to join or find out more about the SPCA, call the membership department on 2802-0501 Graphic: YPSPCGLO


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