PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 August, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 August, 2000, 12:00am

Walking With Dinosaurs

Pearl, 10.45pm

This magnificent series that has enthralled so many comes to a dramatic close tonight, with the end of the dinosaurs' 160-million-year domination of the planet. There are numerous theories about the great extinction that wiped out 75 per cent of the species on Earth, including most of the dinosaurs, but this series focuses on the three most plausible: the cooling of the climate, huge volcanic eruptions that prompted further climate change, and the asteroid that struck what is now the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. These theories are brought to life through the story of one female Tyrannosaurus Rex who has trouble raising any young.

But the cataclysmic extinction was not total. Many smaller dinosaurs did survive and are with us today. It is just that we call them birds and are not yet used to recognising their true heritage.

Shark Week: Sharks In A Desert Sea

Discovery, 9pm

Sharks command almost as much fascination as dinosaurs, though by the end of this week many viewers may have lost interest. After being the subject of several documentary specials on ATV World, these creatures now have their own week on Discovery. The campaign continues, to help us understand and adopt a more friendly attitude towards what are popularly and incorrectly regarded as terrifying man-eaters. In tonight's programme two researchers swim with 'magnificent' and 'docile' whale sharks, more risky white-tip reef sharks, and supersmart manta rays.