Priest seeks quota increase

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 August, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 August, 2000, 12:00am

Right-of-abode activists holding talks with officials today will ask for the daily quota of mainlanders allowed to settle in the SAR to be raised from 150 to 200.

Father Franco Mella and 14 other activists will meet Deputy Secretary for Security Timothy Tong Hin-ming.

The talks are taking place less than three weeks after the Immigration Tower arson attack which claimed the lives of a senior immigration officer and a migrant.

'If the proposals are approved, the 150,000 children waiting to come to Hong Kong will be able to be reunited with their families within four to five years,' Father Mella said.

'We also request that the remaining 9,000 right-of-abode claimants who are seeking judicial review be granted the right to stay.'

Father Mella said he hoped the abode-seekers would be treated the same as the 3,700 mainlanders who had been allowed to stay because they came to the SAR before the Government asked the National People's Congress for a re-interpretation of the abode provisions in the Basic Law.

Director of Immigration Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong said last week that no amnesty would be granted to abode-seekers.