Gore where that came from

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 June, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 07 June, 1993, 12:00am

TERRESTRIAL film fare is not for those of faint heart. The gore-ometer is embedded in the red zone, with projectile vomiting on one side and a man-eating lizard on t'other.

The lizard in question is Xtro (World 9.30pm, ORT 86 mins), a creature with a severe skin disorder who delights in whisking lucky earthlings off to its spacecraft for a few years.

It makes a meal of the unlucky ones.

The film borrows heavily from other alien movies, throwing together telekinetics, pumas in the house, melting phones and a horny maid who gets sliced in the shower.

Pregnant women should steer well clear as the birth scene is particularly gross. AUDIENCE reaction was so bad when The Exorcist II: The Heretic (Pearl 9.30pm, ORT 117 mins) opened in 1977, director John Boorman substantially recut it the day after its premiere.

Alas, his work was in vain, this sequel remains preposterous, it's only saving grace being the special effects.

Linda Blair is back from the original film, and she's still giving house-room to demons. Richard Burton foolishly joins the cast as the priest who's trying to evict them.

FAR quieter, is the TV mini-series Rage of Angels: The Story Continues. Jaclyn Smith reprises her role as lawyer Jennifer Parker in this sequel based on Sidney Sheldon's book.

This time Parker's secret love Adam is sworn in as vice-president and then she gets threatened by the Mob.

The final part is on tomorrow. HUMAN rights in China are scrutinised in The Pearl Report (7.20pm). There's new information on religious persecution and interviews with pro-democracy activists, including Wang Dan.

The programme also asks whether human rights should be a factor in determining whether Beijing should host the Olympics in 2000.

Still on the subject of the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, Inside Story (World 8.30pm) interviews a student who was put on China's ''most wanted'' list for his part in the demonstrations.

The programme goes Stateside to catch up with Michael Wu, the Asian-American who hopes to be voted mayor of Los Angeles in tomorrow's election. And Joanne Gilhooley will be asking if Hongkong is doing enough to save its rare species of dolphin.

AMERICA'S ''Queen of Talk'' Oprah Winfrey will be with us on a daily basis from today (STAR Plus 4pm), when her series debuts here.

Winfrey is phenomenally popular in the US, though on the evidence of her insipid interviews with Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's difficult to see why.