Hutchison Whampoa

Ludicrous listing charge unfair

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 September, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 September, 2000, 12:00am

Being a customer of Hutchison Telecom one expects a certain level of customer service.

I subscribe to its mobile service and it causes me great frustration when I am charged for a service that one assumes should be free.

When I asked for a detailed listing of my call charges I was asked to pay for it and was told that I would have to do the same each month. Surely, as a customer, I am entitled to know which calls I have made during the month and what exactly I am being charged for those calls.

It is ludicrous for Hutchison Telecom to think that its customers should automatically be expected to pay whatever figure the company decides to put on their bills. How are its customers supposed to be able to differentiate between calls that were made and those that were not made, or to check whether or not they have been overcharged? When I subscribed to Hutchison's former UK telecom arm, Orange, free itemised billing was a standard feature of its service. Why can Hutchison introduce this to its overseas markets, yet in Hong Kong we are penalised for wanting the same service?

Perhaps the company's public relations unit would like to attempt to put together some form of an explanation. I, for one, look forward to it.