Summer job a training for the working world

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 June, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 June, 1993, 12:00am

HOW did singers Jacky Cheung, Vivian Chow and Shirley Kwan spend their summer vacation when they were in school? When Jacky Cheung was in primary school, he helped his neighbour make plastic flowers and spray paint.

During secondary school, however, he spent his summer vacation watching television, swimming and playing basketball. He never picked up a summer job, something which he now regrets.

''When I went for my first job interview, I did not know what to say and how to answer the questions,'' Cheung said. ''I had a hard time getting a job.'' ''I think summer jobs can help young people adapt to the working world and prepare them for their careers.'' The singer did not want any summer jobs because he did not want to work. He thought that since he would be working after he graduated, he should try to avoid it while he was still in school.

''Students should have confidence in themselves. They should face the working world when they graduate. They should not have any fantasies or fears about their jobs,'' he said.

Vivian Chow has a different view of summer jobs.

''Summer jobs are not a bad idea, but after a year of stressful studies and exams, students need a break,'' she said. ''They need to release some of that pressure.'' She had some summer jobs but they never lasted more than nine days. ''I got sick every time I took on a summer job. Maybe I was not mentally and physically prepared.'' Her list of summer jobs included working in a printing factory, working as a piano tutor, and teaching children to sing and draw.

Meanwhile, Shirley Kwan spent her high school years in the United States. As she came from a rather protective family, she was not allowed to work summer jobs.

She went to summer school, and stayed at home doing homework the rest of the time. Sometimes, she would go swimming.

Kwan said today's youths were lucky to have so many healthy activities they could take part in.

''Young people should make good use of the summer vacation. They should be free to do the things they like, but they should make sure they spend it in a meaningful and constructive way.''