The early Word gets the bird

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 September, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 September, 2000, 12:00am

You know those photos carrying religious messages? The ones that always seem to show sunrises with The Word of God scrawled across them?

Yesterday found Lai See wondering who actually takes those pictures.

It must be some morning person atheist. Because it appears Hong Kong's Christian faithful don't get up that early.

This we learned from Robert H. Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries. He just sent a letter to members of his flock lamenting the demise of televangelism in the SAR.

He wants to bring the Hour of Power show back to our good Christian folk.

The minister claims Hong Kongers are in urgent need of his 'life changing life saving message'.

For more than nine months, Star TV had been sharing the minister's sermons with Asia and the Middle East every Sunday morning.

Then Mr Schuller himself decided to pull the plug on broadcasts to Hong Kong and China.


Apparently, it was only a matter of time.

'The 6am Hong Kong time slot had meant not enough people were up and ready to tune in each week,' he explained.

He's wrong though.

They're up; they're all out doing tai chi.

Position paper: We've just learned of the latest offering from the HK Association of Business and Professional Women.

Come September 28, organisers will present a talk called 'Women In Leadership - Lessons From The White House'.

The speaker is Dr Tamara Monosoff, a former appointee in the Clinton administration.

We're told 'she will discuss her research into the challenges faced by women in senior positions in the White House'.

Makes a change to hear about positions in the White House from someone besides Monica.

All seeing: Pssst. Hey buddy, wanna buy a police radar detector?

Lai See is just waiting for some dodgy-looking character to hiss that at her from the shadow of a battered van.

We've been following with interest the saga of the radar detector nicked from a police radar trap in Kwai Chung. We like the mental images it conjures up - a police sergeant tutting beside a speeder's car, while behind him a giant radar gun migrates across the pavement. Below the tangle of equipment can be seen the legs of a tip-toeing thief.

Two cars, a scuffle and a shot later, the unfortunate officer finds himself alone and speed-gun-less on the moonlit pavement. What amazed us is the fact that there appears to have been more than one crook involved in the carefully orchestrated ambush. It would seem there's more than one kind of 'police radar trap'.

Game challenge: Lai See has been following the Olympics with interest.

We admit we're not entirely sure some of those events should count as sports. Like ballroom dancing, for instance.

But Topfive has come up with some other, even more dubious choices.

Yesterday found them honouring the world's athletes with a list of 'Top Olympic Events in Hell'.

Here are some of them:

Discus Inferno;

Synchronised Sinning;


Men's 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 Metre Barefoot Speed Skating;

Lawyer vs Insurance Salesman Speed Talking Competition;

Disfigure skating;

3,000 Metre Try-to-beat-the-meter-maid-to-the-meter Dash; and


Graphic: whee20gbz