PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 October, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 October, 2000, 12:00am

Hands up! What are you wearing? We want to know everything.

Name: Christa New Age: 'It's a secret!' Occupation: Semi-retired actress and dancer

Christa New has played a wide variety of roles in her time - from Swedish au-pair to Arabian princess - and worn many costumes. She loves fashion, an interest that developed while she was studying dance at Martha Graham's school in New York. 'Martha always dressed well whether she was on or off stage, and she had a wonderful sense of colour,' says New. Now semi-retired and living a nomadic life with her writer husband Christopher, this well-travelled lady still has a passion for fashion, which she believes is a lifelong learning process. 'One of the jobs of being a woman is to find out what makes us look our best. Even today I study the latest fashion news constantly, but rather than blindly following trends, I pick out what suits me,' she says. 'I wish everybody did this.'

Hair: 'I haven't cut it for 20 years! I never go to the hairdresser - the stylists think my hair is impossible to handle, even though it takes me 10 minutes at most.' Accessories: antique hairpins from China, India and Sri Lanka. Silk ribbon from London.

Outfit: Victorian high-neck, pink silk blouse from London. Purple wrap skirt from Milan.

Face: 'I use a lot of Lancome and some Clinique make-up, and I love Shiseido's cleansers.'

Purple nail polish by Shiseido. 'Shiseido always has the biggest selection of pinks and


Accessories: antique amethyst brooch from France. Antique silver rings from London and Sri Lanka. Amethyst diamante ring from India. 'I love things in pink and purple. I've learned these colours suit me.' Antique watch-ring by Tudor. Antique bracelets from China, Thailand and Spain. Necklace with Victorian perfume bottle and opium-box pendant. 'I put my headache tablets in the box. I love essential accessories such as spectacles and watches that double up as jewellery.'

Underwear from Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris. 'I love French lace underwear and always buy items in cotton.'

Silver sandals from a boutique in Paris.