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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 08 November, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 08 November, 2000, 12:00am


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1. Why do you think older Americans are more likely to vote than younger Americans?

2. Why do you think better educated people are more likely to vote than people with less education?

3. Why do you think women are more likely to vote than men?

4. Why do you think white Americans are more likely to vote than Americans of other ethnic backgrounds?

5. Is the ethnic breakdown of voters important? Why or why not?

6. An increasing number of Hispanics and Asians are becoming eligible to vote in the United States. Is this important? What effect do you think it might have on American politics?

7. In the United States there is little chance that a candidate who does not belong to one of the two main political parties - the Republicans or the Democrats - could be elected president. Nonetheless, there are always candidates from so-called 'third parties'. Why would someone vote for one of them? Do you think it is a waste to vote for such a candidate?

8. Americans tend to be proud of their democtratic traditions, so why do you think many of them do not bother voting?

9. If you could vote, would you? If so, who would you vote for?

10. George W. Bush's father has already served as president. What do you think about the son of a former president running for president? What are the advantages and disadvantages? If you could vote, would this influence your decision to vote for or against him?

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