Yam rides double on intervention

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 November, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 November, 2000, 12:00am

Joseph Yam must be happy. The horse he shares with Rafael Hui just won its first race.

How exciting. We haven't heard much from the colourful central banker since he helped make the controversial decision to intervene in the stock market back in 1998.

But it appears Mr Yam is a man with a plan:

First intervene in the stock market. Then Intervene in the races.

That second part isn't as contentious as it sounds.

Intervene is the name of his horse.

This steed is a sprinter, and on Sunday he crossed the finish line first in the 1,200 metre race.

Impressive. And it can't have been easy.

Intervene was brought in for the short run during stormy conditions.

Hmmm. That horse is starting to sound vaguely like the intervention policy itself.

To learn more, Lai See asked a racing correspondent how the punters had rated Intervene.

What were the odds on Mr Yam's animal?

The SCMP's expert tells us he 'wasn't a clear favourite' but was 'supported late'.

Yep, that would be the intervention policy.

No job for intuition: There are some very strange pearls tucked away in the vault.

By pearls we mean of the wisdom kind. And that vault is the HR Vault.

It's a Web site that offers, among other things, advice on job interviews. The site's founders have even set up a bulletin board on interview manners.

Job seekers can pick up tips on the dos, don'ts and really-really-don'ts of job applications by reading employer-submitted Worst Ever Interview stories.

An example:

'I asked (the interviewee) how she saw her role evolving within our company and she informed me that she would actually like to have my job since she was 'very intuitive'.

'I told her I didn't need an assistant and asked if she had any other ideas or suggestions.

'She then told me that my aura was spiking and that I must have hidden hostility.

'I told her my aura was off limits in interviews and ended the session.'

The intuitive interviewee didn't get the job.

So from that we can glean a top tip for job seekers:

If you notice the interviewer's aura starting to spike, don't say anything.

Graphic: whee15gbz