Source of pollution

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 December, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 December, 2000, 12:00am

I refer to the letter headlined, 'Don't feed pigeons' (South China Morning Post, November 28). I am also concerned about the problem of pigeons.

As they are a nuisance around the blocks where I live, I contacted the relevant sections of government.

Subsequently I had a visit from some very charming gentlemen from the Pest Control Division. However, they told me that they were unable to help as only mosquitoes and rats are classified as pests.

I conducted further research on how to solve the problem and found that various private pest control companies offer solutions, but to be effective would require the co-ordination of a large number of people. As your correspondent Sam Chiu points out, pigeon droppings are a source of pollution and disease - so what is the Government doing about it?