English Week turns school into a hive of activity

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 December, 2000, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 December, 2000, 12:00am

Hong Kong Sam Yuk Secondary School was a hive of activity in preparation for their English Week.

Excitement mounted as students got busy writing slogans, drawing pictures, printing banners and decorating boards. Others started to practise reciting poems, passages, stories and Bible verses.

Entire classes stayed behind after school to develop the storyline of their plays, agree on roles and design costumes and props. Then came the writing and re-writing of scripts and rehearsals.

Students were divided into juniors and seniors for competitions.

On the first day of English Week, principal Lawrence Yu delivered in English his regular morning devotional talk over the public address system.

He announced that the first 10 students to get to his office and help him sing an English song would get a prize.

The rush to get to his office was a lovely and memorable event.

Next came the drama competition. The high-quality scripts and acting delighted everyone. Besides creativity and teamwork, students showed confidence in using English.

'Last year was good, but this is a big improvement,' said Mr Yu.

Another activity that caused great excitement was the spelling bee. Every class was represented by three students.

In addition, games such as bingo, bobbing apples, breath volleyball, Simon says and Scrabble were held.

A novel kind of Scrabble also attracted much interest. Students had to inflate balloons which contained letters, race to chairs and sit on their balloons until they burst. Then the students had to pick up the letters and form words.

English Week certainly improved students' attitude towards learning and using English.

Eunice is a seventh form student at Hong Kong Sam Yuk Secondary School