Ken reveals he has a human face

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 04 January, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 04 January, 2001, 12:00am

Lai See's been dipping into PCCW HKT's i.Lifeworld Web site again. We've developed a professional fascination with the personality profiles in their features section. The firm's team of PR writers have set out to do what no writer has done before.

Here's an example: Profile subject Ken Wong is an actor, athlete, stunt man and all-round entertaining human being. So you probably think his profile is full of star-studded, action-packed anecdotes, right?

Wrong. For the i.Lifeworld team, that sort of approach is just a little too predictable.

Instead, their investigators have ferreted out the dare devil's deeply buried dull side.

Hence the headline: 'Ken Wong: An ordinary, persistent soul, not an ultra-man.'

I.Lifeworld informs readers that Ken 'still reads the daily news' and that 'his belief in fate and his dedication to being an ordinary man are enough to keep him happy'.

There's also thought-provoking analysis like 'Although he is an athlete, Ken is still human'.

But there was one small slip-up. The authors of the ode to the ordinary made a short side trip into the adrenalin-charged world of suppressed rage.

Apparently Ken once became annoyed with a guidance counsellor at school.

Said he: 'If I had had the power of a genie, I would have made the counsellor disappear.'

Fortunately for the counsellor, Ken possesses no magical powers whatsoever.

Anyway, Lai See can't wait to read their next interview.

We hear it's to be called 'Bill Gates: An ordinary, persistent businessman, not the anti-Christ'.

Money talks: So it didn't happen.

They stormed out, they stressed out, but in the end they didn't sick out. When Cathay pay cheques get healthier, the pilots tend to follow suit.

Close call though. For a while there, things looked bleak.

A lot of our friends spent the first two weeks of December wondering whether their Christmas holidays would fall victim to wage disputes.

When Lai See jetted off for Vancouver, she left behind colleagues in varying states of panic. Lai See evaded the emotional turmoil by flying with Air Canada. We worried about their welfare from the bedlike comfort of our executive class seat.

Toasting the labour dispute over our fourth in-flight glass of champagne, we wondered whether Cathay went through the same emotional wringer as its passengers.

Probably not. Yesterday we came across this posting on the airline's unofficial on-line bulletin board:

'I don't suffer from stress. I'm a carrier.'

Powerful forecast: It's that time of year again. The time when famous psychics wheel out their latest batch of annual predictions.

Anthony Carr has been busy gazing into his crystal ball.

Well. Not quite. Actually, he's been gazing at a cardboard cut-out of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But we're told the effect is the same.

The soothsayer claims to have seen one of Arnie's films before reading the palm of a cardboard model of the star displayed in the cinema's lobby. This informed him that Mr Schwarzenegger can expect some form of health problem in the year ahead.

And that's not all.

The Canadian psychic also claims to have picked up negative vibes from Scotland when Guy Ritchie and Madonna tied the knot.

He says their relationship is doomed. A Hollywood marriage may not work out.

Lai See is always impressed by psychics who go out on a limb with the really daring predictions.

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