Students learn and practise English the fun way

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2001, 12:00am

Interesting and creative games stalls were set up in the hall of Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College during Christmas to help students learn English. Hundreds of students gathered in the hall to play games during lunch time and after school. The games encouraged schoolmates to speak more, write more and listen to more English.

'Listen to Christmas Songs' was one of the games. Players were given a piece of paper with the unfinished lyrics and they had to fill in the missing words.

At the 'Reading Vocabulary' stall, players were shown some words and sentences about Christmas and they had to read them out loud. Their names were then chosen for a lucky draw.

'Guess the Christmas Presents' was a game in which participants had to put their hands into different boxes and guessed what were in them. Then they wrote down their guesses for a lucky draw prize.

Students' English was tested at a stall where they had to spot the dif ferences between two pictures and write down the answers.

The most popular game was 'Speak to Santa Claus'. Students first wrote down their wishes and then told them to Santa who would give them presents.

Learning English in a fun way is far better than cramming notes into our heads.

Candice is a seventh form student at Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College