Mini-grapplers floored

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 20 June, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 20 June, 1993, 12:00am

THE territory's cultural elite will be disappointed, but the Humanist Association is happy. A wrestling extravaganza which included Mexican midgets doing battle in the ring has been postponed.

The body-grappling bonanza was scheduled for the Coliseum on Monday week.

But it appears the grapplers failed to meet Immigration Department visa requirements in time.

Reluctant to open without half the all-star cast, event organiser Midas Promotions decided to postpone the show until later in the year.

The role of the pint-sized poncho-wearing combatants had caused controversy among human rights organisations, which feared the men were being exploited because of their height - or lack of it.

The Hongkong Humanist Association described the event that Midas thought was good, clean, family fun as demeaning and sad.

Chairman Tony Henderson said he was delighted the show had been postponed.

He hoped the wee Mexican wrestlers would be taken off the bill when the event finally arrived in the autumn.

But he faced a moral dilemma.

''It is difficult. I suppose if the midgets can accept they are small, and take it with humour and enter into the spirit of things and enjoy what they are doing, then we would have no complaints.

''But I fear they probably don't have that attitude and are being exploited, perhaps because it is difficult to find work doing other things elsewhere.'' Organisers maintain the midget wrestling is fair because they only wrestle people their own size.

Gearing up for a deluge of disappointed fans, Midas has set up a Wrestling Hotline, on 877-8260.

It has promised the small but perfectly formed fighters will be back in November, along with other, taller male and female wrestlers.

Taller attractions include Jake ''The Snake'', who finishes off opponents with a bite from his pet snake, Greg ''The Hammer'' Valentine, a wrestler named after Sex Pistol singer Johnny Rotten, and a king of the ring called Konan, as in ''the Barbarian''.

Female charms on display come in the form of Diamond Dallas and ''Sexy'' Sunny Beach.

Tickets have been selling like hot tortillas and Midas has promised to contact all ticket holders personally.

Fans will be offered an automatic upgrade for the November event, as well as a full refund on presentation of their tickets.