PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 February, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 February, 2001, 12:00am


Pearl, 9.30pm

Sparks are already flying in the second episode of this new series. Robert 'The Kaiser' Roberts (Donald Moffat) has placed a temporary restraining order on Lasky (Stanley Tucci) from joining a rival firm set up by his own grandson Robert 'Ditto' Roberts III (George Newbern, above with Moffat). Lawyer Josh Kaplan (Peter Jacobson) is brought in by Ditto to fight the order. There are no goodies or baddies - only stupid names - in this drama about greed and avarice as all the characters are out for themselves. Each is willing to do anything to achieve his or her own ambitions. Life on Wall Street at its most vicious.

The Practice

World, 10pm

Part two, and the conclusion, of the case in which attorneys Bobby Donnell (Dylan McDermott) and Lindsay Dole (Kelli Williams) are defending a man who claims he has been framed for the murder of a woman he 'met' on the Internet. Dennis Mills (Ted Marcoux), the accused, cannot explain how his fingerprints ended up on the deceased's sunglasses. Later, realising what they are up against - a huge body of evidence - Donnell and his colleagues decide to adopt a new strategy, which is to divert the attention to the victim's husband (Dougald Park) and accuse him of the crime. While doing so may make them all look like monsters, Berlutti (Michael Badalucco) believes the evidence against their client is so compelling that pointing the accusing finger elsewhere is the only viable alternative. A gripping and dramatic episode.


Pearl, 10.30pm

Members of the squad gather at the church where detective Jill Kirkendall's (Andrea Thompson) son is to receive his first communion. Among those in attendance is her ex-husband. Detective Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) leaves half-way through the ceremony when his young son begins to fidget. Colleague Danny Sorenson (Rick Schroder, above left with James McDaniel and Franz) follows the pair outside. It isn't long before the two detectives notice a police surveillance van parked near the church. Who are they watching?

Something About Beckham

Sports 2, 8.30pm

Some worship him as a football god, others dismiss him as a dumb poster boy. Well, love him or hate him, David Beckham (above) has become a phenomenon in the past few years and this hour-long documentary sets out to explore the rise and rise of the Manchester United player. The show is neatly divided into four segments. The first charts his professional career - from an aspiring 15-year-old to playing for United. Bobby Charlton, Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona, John Barnes and Peter Taylor all give their first impressions of Becks. Part two takes a look at what is known as 'Beckham Studies' or 'Beckhamology'. Do people 'study' him and his career at university? His love life and marriage to Victoria 'Posh Spice' Adams is also under examination here. But who can forget (or indeed forgive) Beckham when he received a red card after kicking Diego Simone in the match against Argentina during the 1998 World Cup? Part three looks at how the 'England Sinner' faced the consequences and pressure from the British media. Former England managers Kevin Keegan and Glenn Hoddle, former United manager Tom Docherty, and former United midfielder Gordon Strachan (now coach of Coventry), all offer their interpretations of the event. The final part looks at the alleged conflicts between Ferguson and Posh Spice - as well as the many magazine images of Beckham.