Copycats weave Web of deceit

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 March, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 March, 2001, 12:00am

He is the champion of the minority shareholder. The founder of the caustic financial site. The thorn in the side of big business.

Yes, there's only one David Webb.

Or is there?

Friday found the editor of firing off e-mails warning recipients to 'beware of imitations'.

It seems a fake David Webb had been running amok wreaking all manner of havoc.

'Faxed complaints about listed companies have been made to the stock exchange, the SFC and possibly to the police and media, purporting to be from either or its editor, David Webb,' it said.

'These letters were forgeries!' And the human prototype is none too impressed by his sudden mass production.

'Someone once said that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery',' he observed. 'But it wasn't us!' Wow. Talk about a Webb of deceit.

Lai See wonders who this copycat could be.

Perhaps some local counterfeiter just didn't feel challenged by the same old hand bags and Rolexes and decided to take things up a notch.

But that's assuming there's only one culprit.

Those faxes could be the work of different people.

Who knows? This might even be some sort of trend.

Perhaps there's a whole army of David-the-market-crusaders out there, digging and accusing and churning out faxes.

They might even be organised and scattered around the globe.

Name stealers that they are, they probably call themselves the World-Wide Webbs.

Cheeky fakers: We see a new breed of criminal has crossed the thin blue line.

Or the thin brown line. We're not sure what colour it is for customs officers.

At any rate, they just pulled off a major coup.

And they even did it 'acting on self-developed intelligence', according to a Government Information Service report.

Apparently a squad of officers ran into some shops and grabbed everyone's Asses.

Asses' glue, that is. Or in this case, counterfeit Asses' glue.

We're told the operation netted HK$100,000 worth of the stuff. Our heroes came away with eight suspects and 2,245 boxes of fake medicine.

Lai See tuts sternly at fraudsters.

This sort of crime is very unfair to the creators of the real product.

They put time and money into developing a brand that people have learned to trust.

And what happens?

A bunch of shady characters steal their name and make Asses of themselves.

Barred landing: Lai See has been in an indecisive state.

Yes, Florida is lovely this time of year. News-wise, things have been pretty quiet over there since the election furore died down.

To find out what they were up to we logged on to and dug out the latest Floridian news brief.

It said: 'A barmaid at a coleslaw wrestling contest was knocked unconscious when a skydiver landed on top of her.' Lai See hates it when that happens.

Dumb down: We see Thai authorities are tackling the drug problem. They've decided to take a new tack in the battle against ya ba or 'madness pill'.

The deputy Health Minister announced that a way had been discovered to discourage its use among the nation's youth.

They've decided to make it less cool by changing its name to ya ngo or the 'stupid pill'.

Whoever came up with that idea must have just taken one.

Graphic: whee12gbz