Band scene

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 March, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 March, 2001, 12:00am

Music often goes beyond entertainment. It can be used to highlight causes, bring about change and pay tribute - which is exactly the reason for a release from 16 independent groups next week. The bands have created an album to pay homage to Yuen Chi-chung, a stalwart of the indie scene, and his newborn child.

Yuen is chief editor and publisher of Music Colony Bi-weekly (MCB), a Chinese language magazine promoting Western alternative and local indie music. With next Friday's (March 30) issue, $15, comes the album Music For Your Beautiful Boy (above), an issue marking the first time local indie musicians have joined up to write music for a shared purpose.

Alok Leung, of experimental dance duo Slow Tech Riddim, is the man who initiated this project. 'We knew that Yuen would be having a baby so we thought it would be a nice present for our friend,' Leung says. 'But it is also a tribute to Yuen, who has been making our music known to the public.'

It took them four months to produce this record. The 19-track compilation contains contributions from acts including Slow Tech Riddim, Video-drome, Site Access, Nerve and Love Motel. In addition, Sin:ned and Single Dof make their recording debut. The style of indie acts on the compilation varies from guitar-pop to electronica. Yuen, who founded MCB six years ago, has observed changes in the indie scene, illustrated by the diversity of the compilation. 'The music style has become more diversified in recent years,' he says. 'In the past there was only hard rock.'

He says his hope is that both fans and bands can have a higher tolerance of different music styles so the scene can grow.