Elsie Tu


PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2001, 12:00am

Like T. Hodges (letter, South China Morning Post, March 15), I did not agree with Elsie Tu's comments on United States foreign policy and its connection with human rights (letter, Post, March 4).

I cannot accept, though, Mr Hodges' parting shot that Mrs Tu should 'stop complaining about the US and take care of the problems of her own town'. Mrs Tu devoted decades of selfless service to taking care of the problems of Hong Kong, at a time when this sort of work was not only unfashionable but sometimes positively dangerous. As well as participating in numerous public issues, she did an enormous amount of unsung and unnoticed work on the problems of individuals. Mr Hodges' gibe could not be more inappropriate and unjustified. If he cares about Hong Kong problems, he should regard Mrs Tu with more respect.


Fo Tan