PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 May, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 May, 2001, 12:00am

Hands up! What are you wearing? We want to know everything.

Name: Peter Wong Age: 43

Occupation: promoter and co-owner of Ding In 23 cyber-cafe

The police were the first to frisk Peter Wong, picking him up for questioning at the time of the Fortune Global conference because they were concerned the man in the Star Wars imperial storm troopers suit might be about to strike back. Wong was released when he revealed his mission was harmless: to attract punters to the nearby Ding In 23 cyber cafe at 500 Jaffe Road. It's working, with cafe co-owner John Woo reporting 30 per cent more customers, including a Tibetan monk, since Wong donned his mask and black body suit. He may be hot and uncomfortable, but Wong says, 'People like this character. They ask to take pictures with me, and some tourists knocked on my helmet and asked me questions. So did journalists from Japan.' He's planning to get himself a light sabre soon.

Hair: washed with Dove Shampoo. 'I usually have it cut and dyed every month in Aberdeen, but I haven't got around to doing it yet this month.'

White plastic Star Wars helmet bought two months ago from Causeway Bay Centre, Sugar Street. Wong has customised it with padding near the front for better ventilation. 'It took me a week before I could breathe properly.'

Face: washed with water.

Outfit: Taiwanese navy 'ranger' vest bought by John in Taiwan two years ago. Advertising slogans written with correction fluid. White striped cotton T-shirt ('to absorb the sweat'), black cotton shirt, rayon trousers and leather belt, from Marcellotino, Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay.

Accessories: black latex cleaning gloves from Park N'Shop. Seiko Kinetic watch (hidden by gloves) from Tic-tac, Times Square, Causeway Bay. Motorola v-8088 mobile phone (beneath vest).

Shoes: bought in Leighton Centre, Causeway Bay, two years ago. Socks and briefs from Wellcome supermarket.