Men, women entitled to equal rights

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 May, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 May, 2001, 12:00am

Girls and boys are treated differently from childhood. For example, when a boy cries over a small thing, his parents will say: 'Don't cry now. You are a boy and you have to be strong.'

On the contrary, when a little girl cries, her parents may say: 'Don't cry, sweetheart. We'll buy you candies!'

Why do people think that boys are stronger and more brave than girls? And is it true?

Boys seem to be stronger because as they grow older, they become muscular. Muscles are seen as a symbol of strength.

They are also considered more brave because they can cope with challenges calmly.

However, this is a misconception. You cannot determine someone's capabilities by looking at how strong or brave they are.

Men are not necessarily more capable than women. We should have equal respect for both genders.

Girls can play toys or games that boys play. A woman can be the head of a household or company. Women should be treated equally as men. People should have equal rights.

Sometimes I think females are more capable than males. Men cannot do housework or give birth to children. Women can do a lot more.

Man-yeng is a student at St Paul's Co-Educational College