Is everyone game for so much tennis?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 June, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 June, 1993, 12:00am

WIMBLEDON again dominates the evening on two channels, and those with an aversion to tennis, can only console themselves with the second part of Intruders, the mini-series about alien visitations. Looks like the video stores will be doing roaring trade.

WORLD continues its live Wimbledon coverage (9.30pm) with action from the Men's Singles quarter finals, presented by Charlie ''coat of many colours'' Charters.

The channel is dicing with danger though by putting the late news (11.20pm) smack in the middle of the action. Sod's law dictates that there'll be a match won, tie-break or crucial break of service during the hiatus.

The sound of TVs being switched to Prime Sports - where the tennis is on live from 8pm to 2am - will echo throughout the territory.

THERE'S something very odd going on over at Hill Street Blues (STAR Plus, 1.10am), the cult 80s cop series which is proving just as good the second time around.

According to the synopsis for today's episode: ''The precinct is riddled with reports of heavy bum infestation.'' American viewers may be clear about what this means, but Brits will be expecting an influx of hefty persons with huge posteriors. This language barrier's a real problem.

WHEN are they going to update those road safety promos about driving too closely behind the vehicle in front? Those ''if you're not concentrating on your driving . . .'' ones where the woman (sic) driver is so busy chatting to her mate and waving at friends she fails to notice the brightly clad jaywalker (also female) who's loitering in the middle of the road.

No sooner has said pedestrian been hit than a taxi slams into the back of a van - though where this relates to the original accident is never made clear.

Then the camera focuses on the dead driver/jaywalker and we get the truly inspirational pay-off line: ''This driver/jaywalker found out the hard way.'' Not only are they outdated, unconvincing and in questionable taste, but in Hongkong, they clearly aren't working.

And while we're on this particular soap-box, isn't it also time the Falling Objects Kill ad was given a revamp? Year after year, Hongkong laughs as that same boozy old slob keeps lobbing his beer bottle out the window. Another ad that's not big on realism.