Poisoner may now have copycat

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 July, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 July, 2001, 12:00am

On the morning of Monday July 9, our beloved Labrador, Ebony, became yet another victim of the malicious poisoner who lurks in the country parks of Hong Kong.

Fortunately for us she survived, but only after suffering dreadfully from the effects of this highly toxic chemical, which is placed on to food irresistible to these innocent, defenceless animals, with the obvious intention of killing them.

Whilst I wish to bring no more publicity to the lunatic (or lunatics) who gets a kick out of harming both domestic pets and the variety of wildlife in the country parks, I do want to warn other dog owners of the change in tactics that I have noticed of this poisoner. Changes which lead some of us to believe that there could now be a copycat out there.

Over the years I have walked in the areas where the poisonings have occurred. On many occasions I have located the poison and removed it myself. It has always been the same paths and the same bait used. However, Ebony was poisoned on a more isolated trail and the bait was quite different. I do recall seeing this bait on other paths I've walked on, over the past month. At the time I did not realise it was poison, as it does look different. My advice to any dog owners who go walking in the country parks would be to be very vigilant on every walk you go on and don't think that these paths are safe any more. Also it is a very fast-acting chemical, which closes down the central nervous system. In small dogs this could be as quick as 10 minutes. The fact that Ebony had eaten a full meal about 45 minutes before she went for a walk did seem to slow down the reaction time to the chemical, but seek your vet's advice on this.

There is no excuse for this criminal act and those who condone such behaviour, in these columns, in the belief that a public service is being done, are just fuelling the fires for this to happen more often.


Shouson Hill