Lawyers among those arrested at sex show

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 August, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 August, 2001, 12:00am

A barrister, a solicitor and a businesswoman were among 18 customers arrested at a public sex performance on Saturday night, it emerged yesterday.

The other customers - mostly men - also included an accountant, an engineer, an executive and three businessmen.

They were found at the live show held in the 'playrooms' of Fetish Fashion, the well-known sex shop in Central, when officers raided it early on Sunday.

The owner of the shop - Brenda Scofield, or Decima as she is known - shop staff and three women performers were also arrested. The store was closed for business yesterday.

'There were people involved in providing and managing the public live performance. Others were involved in participating in the show,' said Inspector Calvin Mohammed, of the Central district special duties squad.

He said they would seek legal advice from the Department of Justice on whether the clients, owner, employees and performers would be charged.

The arrests were made after five undercover police officers were sent to the shop on Saturday night following a five-month investigation.

The 26 arrested were granted police bail ranging from $500 to $3,000. They must report back to police in a month.

Ms Scofield, a former high school drama teacher, and her husband, Laurence, the publisher of the Hong Kong Shipping Gazette, have owned Fetish Fashion, in Cochrane Street, since 1997.

Although she and her husband could not be contacted yesterday, Ms Scofield is no stranger to the media, having appeared on the BBC, CNBC and in Eve magazine and the South China Morning Post.

The 54-year-old recently told Time magazine she had bought the store and 'decided to build a community'.

Fetish Fashion's regular parties cater for cross-dressers, homosexuals and heterosexual couples.

The store's Web site says it often entertains Japanese businessmen, and the private custom-made dungeons are also rented out for hen and stag nights.

There are two playrooms with a rubber-lined voyeur box, whipping bench, body bags and bondage chair.

Although the dungeons are deliberately dark and creepy, Ms Scofield has said she wants the establishment to be 'bright and open with nothing to hide'.

She discovered BDSM - bondage, domination and sado-machochism - with her husband and says she will only be tied up by her spouse.

'Giving up power for a certain period, if you're with the right person, is a huge freedom,' she told Time magazine.