10 Things to watch out for when...Being a good employer

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 September, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 September, 2001, 12:00am

Make a difference: Good employers care about how they are thought of behind company doors as well as out on the street, according to global management consulting and outsourcing firm Hewitt Associates, which has recently conducted an Asia-wide employer survey.

Hire the right people: Good bosses know the value of human capital. Identifying the right people is an integral part of building a successful company.

Keep the right people: Good employers develop leadership potential from within, sending their staff on courses, giving them opportunities for greater responsibility and cross-training staff to take on different roles. Happy employees are empowered and feel they can make a difference.

Have good leaders: Strong managers are trusted by their staff and their superiors. They communicate strategy effectively and strive to improve themselves and the company.

Build teams: Effective internal structures give workers a defined role, with room to move. Team-oriented companies encourage strong interpersonal relationships.

Take the long-term view: Good employers know where the company is going and communicate the vision effectively to their employees. Employers feel they have a clear direction to follow. They are going places, together.

Pay fair wages: The best employers do not necessarily pay the highest wages, but workers generally feel they are fairly well compensated according to market rates. If rewards are based on performance, this needs to be clearly communicated.

Remember the frills: Good employers compensate their workers with more than money. Little things add to the feel-good factor. Hewitt research shows that food keeps staff happy, as well as adequate healthcare, transport to and from work, discounted services and casual dress days.

Perform better: As an added bonus, keeping staff happy can improve the bottom line. Good bosses save on recruiting, which international studies show can be anywhere from 40 per cent to 240 per cent of employee salary. Better employers also have better business results, according to Hewitt, as they are adequately prepared for the future.

Adapt to change: Keeping up with changes in a competitive world makes for a flourishing organisation. Employees are more loyal when they are involved at the cutting edge of their industry.

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