Craig brings order then gets disorderly

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 July, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 July, 1993, 12:00am

WHO is the public-spirited person we can depend upon to attempt to bring order when all around things appear to be crumbling into chaos? Step forward, please, Craig Quick, the imposing boss of Metro Broadcast.

Reports reach us of one critical day at Kai Tak last week when the place was besieged by travellers, with yet more being disgorged by the jumbo-full at regular intervals.

As can be expected, it was near-anarchy in the immigration queues at the arrival lounge. Until, that is, Craig - who had just off a flight from Singapore - entered the fray.

In stentorian tones (laced in his usual West Coast drawl), Craig's commanding voice rang through the arrival lounge demanding a bit of discipline. ''Haven't you folks heard about queues,'' he charged. ''Come on . . . let's have some order here.'' Naturally, everyone shuffled quickly into proper place and peace soon reigned, with one or two of the immigration officers even giving Craig a grateful smile.

So what a pity that Craig, after picking up his luggage, then went and spoilt it all by charging to the front of a customs counter that had just opened up, as my informant put it, ''like a rugby forward going into a maul''.