PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 December, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 December, 2001, 12:00am

Hands up! What are you wearing? We want to know everything.

Names: Frankie Ho, Corrin Chan

Ages: undisclosed

Occupations: dancer, architect

Architects don't often like to be told they are fashionable because it might imply they are followers and not setters of trends. Corrin Chan, however, saw the recent fashion show at Hong Kong Institute of Architects' annual ball as a chance to rethink the relationship between architecture and fashion. She decided to design an outfit for the occasion, worn here by dancer Frankie Ho. 'The best thing about design, whether it's in fashion or architecture, is the sense of the unknown,' she says. 'When I have a concept in mind I never know how it will come out or how others will interpret it. If it's all known, it's not fun.'

Hair: by Tete salon in Causeway Bay. Corrin: 'I let the stylist do whatever she liked.' Corrin's assistant suggested using fibre optics as a hair accessory.

Makeup: by Tony & Tina. Styled to match the theme of the ball - Metropolis.

Outfit: Corrin used a theme of 'light and lightness' in the design. The fibre optics are by lighting engineer Alex Fung of Zenith Lighting.

Frankie: 'I didn't think the fibre optics would limit my movement but I had to be very careful when I walked or danced.'

Ballroom dancing shoes: Frankie: 'I borrowed them from a friend. They matched the outfit.'

Corrin: 'I would have preferred it if she had worn a pair of slippers because they would have looked wilder.'

Corrin: 'I use nets and fibre optics a lot in my projects because they don't use much energy. I could have used thicker fibre optics in this design but the whole outfit would have become too bulky. They are powered by three batteries attached under the layers, which made it possible for Frankie to dance.'