Guards should stick with shotguns

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 December, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 15 December, 2001, 12:00am

I refer to the story headlined 'Shootings prompt plea for guards to get handguns' (South China Morning Post, December 13).

The Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union wants security guards to be equipped with handguns instead of shotguns, after two guards were shot in separate armed robberies.

I do not agree with this proposal. It takes longer for someone to react to a threat with a holstered handgun than with a shotgun. Also, a handgun is a very attractive acquisition for a would-be gun snatcher.

A shotgun has a greater 'scare factor' and it is much easier to aim and hit something with this weapon.

What is important is that armed security personnel be given sufficient training. They need to be trained by experts, so they are prepared for situations like robberies.

They must understand that a shotgun is a two-handed weapon and should never be carried with only one hand.

Too often I see guards holding it in one hand, which is an open invitation to robbers.

Security companies must also supply their guards with bulletproof vests.


Quarry Bay

The Government should implement an immediate law to protect loyal and courageous security men, to try and prevent a repeat of the tragic loss of life that occurred in the Hang Seng Bank robbery on December 5, when security guard Zafar Iqbal Khan was killed.

This law would make it mandatory for guards to wear bulletproof vests and helmets when on duty. It would afford them some protection if they were attacked.

S. M. U. SAM

Tsim Sha Tsui