Learning about other cultures expands vision of the world

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 December, 2001, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 December, 2001, 12:00am

Hong Kong students can develop a broader vision of the world through learning about different cultures and communicating with others.

With this aim in mind, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong launched its English week, which lasted four days. Apart from activities organised by language prefects, the school invited several Christians from overseas and students from Lee Po Chun United World College to add a touch of colour to the occasion.

On the second day, there was an English activity during the lunch hour. A game corner was set up in the covered playground for the junior classes. Students had to apply their knowledge of synonyms and antonyms to win snacks.

In the afternoon, some classes had the opportunity to watch a drama presented by United World College students. The play, Trojan Women, depicted tragic war scenes from ancient Greece. The misery and terror reminded students of the September 11 attacks and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

On the third day, students joined Australian Christians in saying prayers, singing hymns, and giving sermons.

In the afternoon, United World College students entertained their audience with a Japanese puppet show. The puppets were as tall as little children and their arms and legs were controlled by hand. The technique seemed complicated, but the performers controlled the puppets deftly, so that every movement was life-like.

During a chat with their guests, True Light students discovered that life in international schools was very different to theirs.

On the last day, a publisher talked about improving English skills by reading with common sense and recommended several magazines. Students dedicated a song to their teachers and classmates.

Through these activities, students were able to understand that English helped them to learn more about the outside world. Therefore, it was important to improve their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills to master the language.

Article submitted by The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong