The 10 questions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 January, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 January, 2002, 12:00am

1. Will you promise not to seek a re-interpretation of the Basic Law from the National People's Congress again?

2. Will you carry out political reform immediately, to achieve universal suffrage in election of the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council?

3. Will you promise not to be biased towards some wealthy corporations - damaging the rule of fair competition - and avoid a repetition of the Cyber-Port incident?

4. How would you address the long-standing high unemployment problem?

5. Will you stop the policy of contracting out public services and privatisation of public bodies?

6. Why is your language policy constantly changing, confusing students, parents and teachers?

7. Why do you develop a knowledge-based economy on the one hand, but reduce university expenditure on the other?

8. Will you scrap your housing policy, which is biased towards property agents and ignores the public's interest?

9. Why don't you pay heed to the increasingly wide gap between rich and poor?

10. Will you promise to quicken the review on 'fruit money' (the Old Age Allowance) to honour your pledge to care for the elderly?