PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 February, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 February, 2002, 12:00am


Pearl, 9.30pm

One critic in Leonard Maltin's Movie And Video Guide describes this film as 'long, slow and squishy in the centre' and I have to agree.

Everybody's favourite hip swinger, John Travolta (above), plays George Malley, a down-to-earth car mechanic who lives in the small American town of Harmon where everybody knows him and most folks like him. He hankers after a new woman in town, Lace (Kyra Sedgewick), a chair-making single mother who is impervious to his dimpled-chin charms.

During a party for his 37th birthday Malley steps outside and is hit by a blinding flash of light that seems to come from the sky. But no one else sees it so George carries on as normal. Soon he begins to realise he has developed an insatiable appetite for learning and devours books by the score. Suddenly he can play chess like a pro, speak Spanish and decipher government codes. Lace also seems to be taking more of an interest in him, so life is looking up. When he detects an imminent earthquake on Lace's property, Harvard University tracks him down, but the Government is already on his tail for cracking that pesky code. His ordinary friends in his home town also become suspicious of his new-found intelligence.

Directed by Jon Turteltaub and also starring Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall and Jeffrey DeMunn. (1996)

18 Ways To Make A Baby

World, 9pm

In 1978, the world's first test-tube baby, Louise Joy Brown, was born in Britain. Three years later, educational programme-makers Nova filmed the birth and told the story of Elizabeth Carr, America's first experiment in this brave new technology.

Now, new methods of making babies are being perfected that will allow us to influence and even shape the genetic fate of our children. Nova continues its coverage in this latest chapter of the reproductive revolution.

Golf: Heineken Classic (day 2, live)

Star Sports, 10am

New Zealand golfer Michael Campbell (above) is hoping to win one of Australia's most prestigious championships for the third time in a row this week. The Maori faces tough competition from stars such as Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, John Daly, Colin Montgomerie and Greg Norman at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club but All Black icon Zinzan Brooke has fired the champion up with the advice that the best form of title defence is attack. So keep an eye on Campbell as he also faces local hope Robert Allenby on one of the most demanding courses in the world.

Up to 156 players - 73 from Australia, an equal number from the European Tour and 13 invitees - are negotiating the Royal's President's Cup layout offering the prospect of some entertaining play.

The A$2 million (HK$8.02 million) classic's tees should favour the big hitters like Daly but the rough is unforgiving and even Faldo says second shots can be 'Augusta-ish' in Melbourne. The greens are expected to decide the event. William Wadsworth

Larry King Live

CNN, 10am

Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis round two (referee, Larry King). King was supposed to interview Tyson earlier this week after his debacle with Lewis at the press conference for their on-again off-again fight in April but Tyson's management postponed his words of wisdom until a later date. Lewis' management have no such fears and the world heavyweight champion will discuss the recent events and the Nevada Boxing Commission's decision to prohibit Tyson from fighting in Las Vegas.