Leave tutorial colleges alone

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 February, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 February, 2002, 12:00am

Tutorial colleges play a vital role in Hong Kong education but are treated unfairly by the Education Department. The pressure on students to get an education is enormous.

For those like myself who use tutorial colleges in our quest to secure a university place, it is hard to tolerate the unnecessary regulations applied to these schools.

While universities hold lectures attended by several hundred students, tutorial colleges or schools are subjected to head-counting inspections by department officers.

Why must they disturb our classes for this pointless exercise? We students are not unhappy with our colleges. We are eager to learn and the colleges give us the opportunity to do so. Many of our teachers really inspire us to delve into our subjects, helping us get a great deal of enjoyment out of them.

All the staff I have encountered at tutorial colleges have been well trained and caring. On many occasions I have seen absent-minded students receive extra time to pay their fees - contrary to the money-grabbing image with which some people would like to portray tutorial colleges.

However, despite student satisfaction, the ED continues to conduct these inspections - and waste everyone's time. It makes me want to demand compensation for time lost from the department.

Whether the Government increases education expenditure or not, tutorial schools will still boom. Students are prepared to pay for their education and should be allowed to choose where they get it without unnecessary interference.