PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 February, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 February, 2002, 12:00am

Hands up! What are you wearing? We want to know everything.

Name: Priscilla Ku Age: undisclosed Occupation: artist, author of four books

Priscilla Ku is the familiar host of sports programmes, news magazines and variety shows. One wonders why the chic presenter has not branched out into style programmes. 'I have always liked fashion. I go to Milan once a year to shop,' she says. 'I do about seven TV shows a month so it doesn't matter if I spend a lot on clothes because I need to dress up as part of my job.'

Makeup: 'A bit of everything. I change brands every once a while. If one suits me I may keep using it. Otherwise I will give it to friends.'

Fragrance: 'Something subtle, nothing too strong. I like J'Adore for women, by Christian Dior.'

Underwear: 'I like the Italian brand La Perla. I like buying underwear but I realise I always wear the same things, even though my closet is full of new items.'

Trousers by Prada.

Boots by Who's: 'Boots are my thing and I have a lot of pairs.'

Overcoat by Samsonite. 'Samsonite is famous for its suitcases and briefcases, but it has also introduced designer clothing. Swank carries the brand. I like the cut of this coat very much.'

Top: 'This is from last season. Today is cold and I know I will be wearing the overcoat most of the time. So it doesn't matter if my top is not new.'

Skincare: 'Though delicate, my complexion is good. I never need facials. Sometimes I use a water mask to cleanse my face, and I use Creme de la Mer products.'

Hair: 'When I'm working, TVB gets me a stylist. Other times, Kevin Koo, who works at various HAiR salons, styles it.'