No room at the party as park's toilets occupied

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 March, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 March, 2002, 12:00am

As a frequent visitor to Ocean Park with my children, I needed a great deal of good luck whenever I took my five-year-old disabled daughter to the toilet. More often than not, the toilets were being occupied by groups of women, whom I believed were local domestic helpers, as a private function room for a party. They were there to eat, smoke, apply make up, pray, sing, nap, just as their counterparts do at Statue Square every Sunday.

Not once have I seen Ocean Park staff patrolling to ensure that the disabled toilets were being used for their designated purpose, nor was there anyone to enforce the no-smoking rules at the children's playground. Hence there was absolutely no way for me to seek help other than to beg the groups to vacate the toilet for my daughter.

But not all ears are sympathetic. A fortnight ago I had to resort to pleading with them and again was told to wait outside. Half an hour went by and I conceded defeat. It seemed to me that the party would go on forever.

While Ocean Park management is bemoaning a decrease in income, they have obviously overlooked a way to generate easy revenue by means of renting out their disabled toilets as private function rooms. As a matter of fact, the disabled toilets have always been used as private function rooms, so why not make a few bucks out of it.