Holistic team could help heal family scars

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 March, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 March, 2002, 12:00am

Incidences of domestic violence are on the increase in Hong Kong.

I think one way of dealing with this would be to establish a community holistic team.

We have a large number of community centres in Hong Kong. Anyone, regardless of race or age, is welcome at these centres. They can come in to read newspapers, watch television, participate in various activities, or just talk with friends.

Health-care services are also sometimes provided at these centres.

Generally, when problems arise within a family, social workers are assigned to help out. However, they are under a great deal of strain because of the increase in the number of social problems caused by the economic crisis which has led to a rise in unemployment.

This is why I think a community holistic team could make a difference. It would comprise a social worker, community health-care provider (a nurse or health-care assistant) and people from other fields who could help to look at the four dimensions of health - physical, psychological, social and spiritual. This is what I would call the holistic approach and help could be provided via the community centres.

Problem families could visit the centres and talk to the holistic team. The team would also liaise with community leaders so that we were not just looking at violence within a particular family, but at how such domestic trauma impacts on a community.

W. M. HO

New Territories