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Critic's picks

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 March, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 15 March, 2002, 12:00am

Get your tickets early for these five not-to-be-missed films.

Hollywood, Hong Kong (Cantonese): Local lad Fruit Chan directs the much-anticipated second instalment of his Prostitute Trilogy - following Durian, Durian (2000) - set in and around a doomed housing estate inhabited by Chan's usual motley crew of weird and wonderful characters. Screening on March 27 and April 5.

Ichi The Killer (Japanese): Maverick director Miike Takashi always tests the limits of taste and this S&M-stained tale of revenge is no exception. Not for the faint-hearted, it's been billed as Japan's bloodiest horror film. Screening on March 29 and March 30.

Lantana (English): A complex, deep drama that delves into the secrets and lies of family life set around the suburbs of Sydney. It swept the Australian Film Institute awards last year. Screening on April 2 and April 6.

Little Otik (Czech): Legendary animator Jan Svankmajer has always walked on the wild side and this looks to be way, way out there. When they can't have a child, a couple adopt a tree stump, which then, ahem, goes on a killing spree through their town. Take a deep breath. Screening on March 29 and April 3.

No Man's Land (Bosnian): An at-times grim but compelling look at the Bosnian conflict through the eyes of soldiers caught in the crossfire. Nominated for best foreign film at last year's Oscars. Screening on April 4.