PUBLISHED : Sunday, 05 May, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 05 May, 2002, 12:00am

Hands up! What are you wearing? We want to know everything.

Name: Jaime Hayon

Age: 27

Occupation: designer

Jaime Hayon, who has lived in a number of different cities including Paris, San Diego, Madrid and Treviso, Italy, where he has his current home, has very strong dress sense. 'You have to be good at mixing things when thinking about dressing,' he says. 'I like mixing cheap clothing with high fashion. I might wear a pair of scruffy baggy trousers with a Margiela top.' Hayon, who is head of design at communications firm Fabrica, was invited to Hong Kong by new-media group Videotage to present the Fabrica residency award, which was won by Wanda Choi from the School of Creative Media at City University. Choi will spend a year working alongside Hayon at the company's Treviso headquarters.

Hair: 'I use L'Oreal jelly. I cut my own hair and make lots of mistakes but I like it that way.'

Glasses: 'They are by Danilo Carraro from Venice. He contacted me after he saw a picture of me wearing a pair of his glasses. I have seven or eight pairs in different colours. A lot of artists buy his frames because of their strong shapes and colours.'

Shirt: 'It's by Comme des Garcons and I bought it in a shop in Treviso. I like Comme des Garcons gear because it's unconventional and risky. If there's no risk there is nothing.'

Lip piercing: 'I had it done more than four years ago in Treviso. People think I am a relaxed person when they see it and that helps them feel at ease.'

Trousers: 'They're by a Spanish designer called Adolfo Dominguez. I bought them in Madrid.'

Underwear: 'I wear boxers and briefs. On special occasions I don't wear any.'

Socks: 'I wear whatever my hand grabs first in my sock drawer. Who cares if they don't match!'

Shoes: 'They are by a brand called Swear. I bought them in London. The soles are plastic.'