PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 June, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 June, 2002, 12:00am

David Beckham . . . Close Up

Pearl, 10.55pm

This must be Pearl's most on-again-off-again programme of recent times as it has been scheduled to be shown for the past three Mondays only to be whipped off at the last minute. Let's hope we are lucky tonight.

In the past three years, David Beckham (above) has gone from zero to hero. He's Britain's richest and most glamorous footballer and was made captain of England's national team last year. This programme follows the sarong-wearing footballer over a two-month period at work and play. It is surprising that the cameraman for this show didn't keep bumping into other camera crews and the staff photographer of OK magazine, given the desirability of securing exclusive footage of Mr Posh Spice. This programme promises to be an interesting insight into how Beckham lives and works, constantly in the public eye.

Defenders Of The Planet: To Boldly Go

Pearl, 9.35pm

One of the greatest achievements of humankind has been to explore the universe. But this has not been without risk or loss of life. This documentary looks at the history of space programmes and some of the sacrifices that have been made in our quest to explore other frontiers. It also looks ahead to the future of human space exploration, with the International Space Station and missions to Mars.


William Wadsworth

Brazil vs Turkey (live)

World Cup

Channel (6), 5pm

This afternoon's Group C encounter in Ulsan, South Korea, pits Brazilian flair against Turkish physique. Brazil have recovered from the shaky form that almost wrecked their qualification campaign, thanks to the likes of Ronaldo and Rivaldo, whose revived click in midfield humiliated a Catalan Selection, 3-1, in Barcelona on May 18 and thumped a hapless Malaysia, 4-0, in Kuala Lumpur, a week later.

The Brazilians will need space in order to samba but the Turks, as Leeds and Arsenal found, are quick and robust in the tackle and Aston Villa back-four hardman Alpay Ozalan is capable of upsetting the Brazilians early.

Althouth Turkey failed to spark in their 2-0 defeat by South Africa in Hong Kong's Reunification Cup last month, their strike partnership of Hakan Sukur, Arif Erdem and Ilhan Mansiz (above) can easily test Luiz Felipe Scolari's men this afternoon.