Major road project nearing completion

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 July, 2002, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 July, 2002, 12:00am

I refer to the letters expressing concern about the progress of roadworks on Victoria Road (South China Morning Post, May 3 and 21, and June 2).

This improvement project involves extensive slope works and retaining walls to accommodate the improved width and alignment of Victoria Road. In addition, we have upgraded, replaced and added new utility services under the road along its full length. The scope of the project has also been designed to cope with the Cyberport development.

The progress of works has been restricted by the need to maintain existing through traffic. Therefore, work has had to be carried out sequentially and in sections. Some delays were encountered mainly because of conflicts with existing utilities. Further delays were caused by hard rocks and limited workspace. Because of inclement weather and additional works required to deal with the site constraints, the contractual completion date will be extended to the end of 2002. However, most of the roadworks are now finished. The entire section from Upper Baguio Villa Access Road to Sassoon Road was fully opened to traffic last month.

The remaining section, approximately 120 metres in length, between Upper Baguio Villa Access Road and Cyberport Road will be completed around the end of this year. More slope work must be done to comply with safety standards.

Concerning completion dates on publicity boards, these only indicated completion dates on separate road sections. Once a fresh section was started, it would have its own board with a completion date for that section.

Some people might have seen a board and mistakenly thought it referred to the finishing date for the entire project. However, even with each section, sometimes a date had to be changed, because of unexpected circumstances.

Regarding greening, all newly-formed or reconstructed slopes will be provided with suitable greening measures, such as tree planting to restore the natural appearance. This involves planting some 3,100 trees, shrubs and plants. Such planting work is usually carried out after engineering works have been completed.

I would like to thank owners and residents in Baguio Villa for their patience and understanding.


Senior Engineer

Public Relations

Highways Department